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Num Lee Long Asian Groceries: A Top Supplier in Springvale

Providing You With the Very Best

As a proud member of the Springvale community since our establishment in 2010, Num Lee Long Asian Groceries has been supplying our customers with the very best in the Grocery Wholesaler industry. Get our freshest and most delicious products for a fair price. With free outside parking just look for the sign with the Pink Elephant!


Our Premium Products

Look No Further



Quench that thirst!

If you’re into Beverages, you’ve come to the right place. Num Lee Long Asian Groceries supplies our customers with the most popular drinks imported from south-east Asia. Whether it’s the Yeo’s range from Malaysia, coconut juices from Thailand, herbal tea from Vietnam, grass jelly drinks from Taiwan or Aloe Vera drinks from Korea we have you covered for variety.


Frozen Goods


Num Lee Long Asian Grocery offers a vast range of quality frozen goods to our customers. We have 8 display chest freezers that are categorized into groups; desserts, seafoods, Asian vegetables, take home dumplings, spring roll pastry, and even a frozen vegan range. We have a big storage freezer next door so we always maintain stock availability.


Fresh produce

Keeping it fresh

Here at Num Lee Long we pride ourselves with providing our customers fresh seasonal Asian greens whether organically homegrown or delivered from local farms. Also keep an eye out for seasonal fruits that customers always come back for such as Fuji apples, winter strawberries, cherries, raspberries, oranges, blackberries etc. we always keep it FRESH!


Instant Noodles

Oodles of Noodles!

No Asian grocery store would be complete without a decent range of instant noodles. Num Lee Long Asian Grocery offers traditional brands from Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia etc. but we also introduce new and exciting brands that hit the market. And for those that really love their instant noodles we also sell them in cartons for cheaper!


Display Fridge

Chill Factor

Catering for both our household and restaurant customers NLL offers a vast range of fresh noodles, tofu and refrigerated meats. We get deliveries 3-4 times a week so we can guarantee freshness. Our abundance of storage space inside the coolroom ensures that bulk orders for our many restaurant customers are always met.


Bulk Items

Your business is our business

Restaurants and small businesses are welcomed into our store as we provide an extensive range of products to meet their needs. With free onsite parking our friendly staff will assist with bulk purchases ranging from 20lt cooking oils, 25kg bags of rice and spices, food containers etc. And don’t forget to enquire about our VIB membership discount card for ABN holders.



Sweet and savoury 

If you have a sweet tooth you’ve come to the right place. NLL can satisfy your sugar fix with a huge range of imported confectionery and also locally made ones that will bring you back to your childhood. We combine past favourites with new to market delectables that always prove a treat. Come in and explore our confectionery wonderland!



Where the party at?

NLL has a huge range of food storage ideas in the form of takeaway containers, paper bags, plates etc. Disposable cutlery? Check. Serviettes and dinner napkins? Check. Food preparation gloves? Check. We’ve got you covered for your next party/catering event!



All your cooking solutions

We mean business when it comes to cooking! So of course we supply our customers with the cooking utensils needed to make that perfect meal. Cooking pots, steam pots, woks, electric rice cookers. Heck, we even stock industrial wok burners and the more conventional gas operated portable stoves. Come in and check out our extensive range of products and walk away knowing that you got it at the best price possible.


Dry goods

Spice up your life

You can’t cook Asian cuisine if you don’t have the right ingredients for that authentic taste. By communicating with our many loyal customers NLL more than delivers in terms of what spices compliment the right foods. From smaller packets for the small household to the larger 1kg packs for restaurants we always aim to provide that open pantry feel for those passionate cooks out there.


Cooking sauces

It’s all in the sauce

Food is pretty bland without an infusion of flavour. Our sauce range is an encyclopedia of tastes from around south-east Asia. Whether a bottled sauce for flavouring a meal, sauce from a jar for that perfect stir fry or even instant sauce mix in a sachet for the less experienced chef; we have it all under the one roof!


Our warehouse

Walk in pantry

Num Lee Long Asian Groceries is fortunate to have a warehouse connected next door. This results in being more efficient in getting bulk orders ready for our customers. With our added storage space it means we are less likely to run out of popular lines of stock. It also means that we have the space available to buy in bulk so that we can pass on our cost savings to our customers. The true definition of win:win!


About Us

This is the 3rd reincarnation of a family run business established way back in 1983. Our current megastore was established in 2010 and has gradually expanded to cater for both households and smaller businesses and restaurants. Num Lee Long Asian Grocery prides itself for combining retail and wholesale and we strive to offer our customers products at the right time and at the right price. With free outside parking why would you need to shop any where else? Contact us or visit our store to learn more about what we have to offer.

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Get In Touch

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